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Home fragrance “Urtica”


The pungent notes of nettle are made fresh by rosemary and pine, the savory gives the aromatic note.

Urtica frees the mind and promotes concentration.


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This fragrance diffuser is kept in an elegant 100ml glass bottle closed with a round wooden cap to avoid plastics wherever possible. Once inserted, the wooden sticks absorb the fragrance that rises to the top, spreading gently but persistently.

The duration of use of the scent diffuser is approximately 1 month for 8sq.m., but it lasts even longer if closed during the night.
It is best to place fragrances in the central part of the house so that anyone entering or leaving the house can pick up the fragrance and transfer it to other rooms. Turn the wooden sticks every other day to maintain the aroma. You can adjust the intensity of the aroma by decreasing or increasing the number of sticks that are immersed in the liquid inside the bottle. The more sticks, the richer the aroma.

Chiara Firenze uses essences with a high concentration of essential oils and natural absolutes to create unique and lively fragrances. All products do not contain GMOs and ingredients of animal origin. Alcohol is used from sugar beet processing instead of synthetic production.

Package dimension is 12 cm x 5,5 cm plus the sticks 40 cm ca.

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