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Melamine bowl

Bowl in excellent quality melamine available in two colors.

What is melamine?
Melamine is a highly nitrogenous heterocyclic compound, important as a raw material for making polymers. Melamine was discovered in 1834 by Liebig, but its industrial use only began in 1940.

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Melamine is a thermosetting plastic that is strong, light and hard but with the appearance of the ceramic product. It is highly resistant to scratches and breakage, but is not 100% indestructible, it can be scratched and broken.

The most eco-friendly will wonder if it is a versatile material also in terms of disposal.
Melamine is classified in class 7 of the plastic resin code list. Therefore, it does not fall within the classifications of the most commonly used plastics (1-6) and therefore does not fall within the certainly recyclable products.
Melamine is not directly recyclable, so it cannot be started to produce new pellets to create good quality plastic. However, this material can be ground and used as a filler for other plastics or wood compounds.

Diameter: 19 cm.

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