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Giannis handmade doll


Giannoula and Giannis are two dolls made by hand in Greece, ready to take you back in the old Greek time. Meet Giannis Tsolias!


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This handmade fabric doll is dressed with the traditional uniform of the Evzones, the soldiers of the Greek Army fighting for independence:
– the pleats of the kilt-like fustanella symbolize the number of years Greece was under Ottoman rule.
– the red hat symbolizes the blood of the dead and the long silk tassel represents the relatives’ tears during the war.
-the red shoes are usually very heavy (each pair is about 3.5 kilos) and have a black pom-pom to keep the feet warm or to hide sharp objects.

Nowadays, the Evzones are an elite military unit serving in the Presidential Guard.

Dimension: h 57 cm.

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