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koutsikou.com is the website and online shop of the company with the following details:

Head Office: Alkimachou,3
11 634 Athens,Greece

VAT identification number: 079732480
Tel: +30 2107257727
email: koutsikoushop@gmail.com

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions which apply to the navigation, use and transactions through lesconnaisseurs.gr.

The second section (Terms of Use) provides for the general terms which apply to the navigation and use of koutsikou.com and are always applicable, notwithstanding whether a transaction is concluded or not. The first section (Terms of Purchase) provides for the specific additional terms (supplementary and additional to the Terms of Use) which govern the transactions made through the online shop of koutsikou.com . Navigating and in any way using koutsikou.com entails that you fully and unconditionally accept all of the following terms and conditions.

Terms of Purchase from the Online Shop koutsikou.com

Order submission
Immediately after submitting your order you will receive an email stating that we received your order.
If your order is submitted by 2.00 p.m. (GMT+2), it will be considered as submitted on that same working day. Orders placed after 2.00 p.m., will be deemed as having been submitted the following working day.

For additional information and telephone orders please contact us at directly at:

“Koutsikou”, tel. +30 2107257727 from 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. (GMT+2) or by email: koutsikoubusiness@gmail.com

Should any issue or problem arise regarding the execution of your order, we will contact you within two (2) working days of the submission, using the contact details (email address and / or telephone number) you provided when you registered with our online shop or when you submitted your order with it.

Multiple orders
In cases you are interested in placing a multiple gift order or an order in a large quantity of items or products, prior communication with us is required, by phone: +30 2107257727 from 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. (GMT+2) or by email: koutsikoubusiness@gmail.com

Order cancellation
The cancellation of an order is accepted only if the order has not been shipped from our premises in order to be delivered.

All products are provided for personal use only and not for resale.

Shipping / Delivery

a. Items shipment
Your order will be delivered by a third party courier service or by an employee of our company at the address you specify when submitting your order at our online shop.
Caution: For your security, it will NOT be possible to change the specified delivery address after the submission of your order.

In case of incorrect shipping address provided on your part or non-reception of an item due to the recipient being absent, the item will either be held by the third party courier service company for a few days or it will be returned to our shop.

If the item remains with the courier service company, you will have to reach them directly and arrange for the delivery of the item free of charge.

If, however, the item has returned to our store and you wish to arrange for a new shipping and delivery date, please let us know by email at: koutsikoubusiness@gmail.com or by phone at: +30 2107257727  and we will arrange with the courier service company a new shipping date at your expenses.

Shipping Cost
Shipping costs for all orders (EXCEPT gifts from the “Suggestions” category)

Shipping costs of your order depends on its value and place of delivery, as follows:

For Greece:

1. For delivery within Greece intracity ATTIKA: € 2,30 up to 2 kg + VAT 24% – €0,80 per extra kilo + VAT 24%

2. For delivery within Greece intercity • shipping will be €2,60 up to 2 kg + VAT 24% – € 0,90 per extra kilo + VAT 24%

3.For delivery to Greek islands shipping will be €2,90 up to 2 kg + VAT 24% – € 1,00 per extra kilo + VAT 24%

4. For delivery outside GREECE the shipping costs for EUROPE up to 1 Kg is € 10,39 + VAT 24%

For more than 1 KG, please refere to the the automatic calculator that appears one step before purchasing.

5. For all other countries, the automatic calculator that appears one step before purchasing.

Our company reserves the right to modify shipping costs without prior notice. Applicable shipping costs for your orders will correspond to those posted each time on this website, as generated during the finalisation and submission stage.


All prices are in euros (€) and include the corresponding VAT.
You can choose one of the following payment methods:
a) payment by credit card, debit card, and prepaid card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover)
b) Paypal

All card payments are processed through the online payment platform of Alpha e-Commerce.
Up-to-date security services for every payment (Visa Secure, Mastercard Identity Check, American Express SafeKey®)

Returns are processed and accepted within 25 days of the order submission.
Returns are not accepted regarding seasonal items nor items purchased at a discount or in offers.

If the item or product you received has a defect, please contact us promptly at: +30 2107257727 or koutsikoubusiness@gmail.com so that we can inspect it, and if the defect is confirmed, we will arrange either for a replacement, or a reimbursement to your credit card used for the purchase.

You have the right to withdraw from a purchase which you made via our online shop within fourteen (14) days of the date of delivery of the item, and subject to the following terms and conditions:

Please fill out all the required fields of the Withdrawal Form, which can be downloaded here and send it to us within the above deadline electronically. Directly afterwards, please print it, sign it and place it inside the parcel of the item which you wish to return. You will have to ship the product that you return (from the purchase of which you withdraw), promptly and at your own risk and expenses to the address of our shop Koutsikou” Alkimachou,3, 11 634 Athens,Greece

In order for the withdrawal to be accepted, the item being returned must a) be accompanied by the purchase document (retail receipt, sales invoice) as well as the Withdrawal Form completed in all its fields and signed (even if you have already sent it to us electronically), and b) be in the condition it was when you received it, unused, complete, with its original packaging intact and with all its accompanying documents. If all of the above conditions are not entirely met, or if our company does not receive your Withdrawal Form within the aforesaid 14 day period after the delivery of the products above, or if you delay the return of the product for more than 14 days after the date that your email of withdrawal is sent, your withdrawal request will not be satisfied.

If you choose to withdraw from the purchase of a product without notifying us electronically, then it is a prerequisite that you have the product shipped to us (with its packaging and all accompanying documents as described above), its purchase document (receipt, invoice) and your withdrawal form printed and signed, strictly within the first fourteen (14) days from its delivery to you.

At “Koutsikou”, we ensure that the products are maintained under the appropriate conditions required so that they are delivered in excellent condition.

Photos and descriptions
Due to technological limitations and features, photographic imaging is never completely identical to direct visual inspection in person. The true colours you see depend on the specifications of your screen and, therefore, may not be accurate. Moreover, some photos may contain information or elements which do not correspond to the latest illustration of the product, as it has been photographed in a prior form.

The descriptions of the products and services provided may contain typographical or other errors and may not be complete or updated to a full detail. We reserve the right to correct any errors or omissions in the product descriptions at any time and to alter or update the information posted on the Website without prior notice. We further reserve the right to refuse the execution of submitted orders regarding products for which we may realize that at the time of the order their description includes non-updated information on prices, shipping, payment terms of payment or return policy.

Dispute Resolution
In case of any dispute arising from your transaction with koutsikou.com, an attempt to reach a friendly settlement must be made.

In the event that a friendly settlement cannot be reached, you may find and make use of the European Commission’s universal consumer dispute resolution platform (ODR platform).

Greek legislation is applicable and the Courts of Athens are exclusively competent for the resolution of any dispute.

Terms Of Use of koutsikou.com
Use of the website and the online store koutsikou.com is governed by the following terms and conditions, which you are kindly invited to read carefully and adhere to. Browsing and using lesconnaisseurs.gr entails your full and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Hereinafter the term “Company” refers to Koutiskou”, the term “Website” refers to “www.koutsikou.com” and the term “User” refers to “any person who visits koutsikou.com for any reason, such as simple browsing or using its services”.

Modification of Terms
The Company reserves the right to freely modify, at any time, all or any part of these terms, without prior notice or notification to Users. Any modification of the terms shall be effective as of its publication on this Website.

Limitation of Liability
The Company takes all measures to inform Users accurately and to ensure that the Website content is correct. This content, however, includes information that may not always and at all times be up to date. Therefore, information is provided “as is” and the user acknowledges and accepts that it is up to her to evaluate the content of the information. The Company does not guarantee that the Website will always and at all times be updated and/or error-free and is not responsible for any untimely updating of its content and/or for the presentation of any mistaken or inaccurate information, attributable to any reason or factor, human or technical.

The Company does not bear responsibility for any loss or harm (in property or moral) or damage (direct, indirect, positive, loss of profit) of any User or third party, due to the incorrect use of the Website by the User, due to the lack of aptness to use the Website by the User, and/or any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in its operation or in the online transmission of information through the Website.

The Company takes measures to protect the Website from malware and malicious third- party actions. Nevertheless, the Company cannot guarantee that it will not become targeted by electronic attacks. It is therefore recommended that each User ensures to take appropriate measures to be protected by her/his own means, such as by using antivirus software prior to and during use of the Website. Making use of the Website remains under the sole responsibility of each User and the Company is not responsible for any third-party malicious actions or interventions on the Website and/or for any resulting loss or damage sustained by a User.

Links to other websites
The Website may display references to third party external links (links, hyperlinks, banners, etc.) for the purpose of informing Users. The Company bears no responsibility for the content of these external links. Link references on the Website to any third-party website or content of a third party, by no means do they imply or can be interpreted as the Company approving, adopting or proposing to Users this third-party content, and websites, nor the information or services provided therein. Accessing third-party websites and content is made under the sole responsibility of the User and in accordance with the terms of said websites. Third-party beneficiaries/providers of these websites are responsible for the content of their websites and for their security, compliance, legality and validity. Each User must be informed of the terms of use of each third-party website and review and evaluate them before accepting them.

Users promise not to harm third parties by making malicious or in any way inappropriate use of the Website and that they will not in any way violate the law and good and transactional ethics.

Intellectual / Industrial Property
The Company is the sole beneficiary of the Website and all website operations and services content contained therein, including the online shop. The name, title, trademark, images, graphics, distinctive features, descriptions, texts, their structure and all contained in this Website, its content in its entirety and/or any part thereof, constitute intellectual property (copyright/ industrial property) of the Company and third parties and is protected by law. Any content and information contained on the Website may be used solely for personal and non-commercial use. The User is prohibited from copying, reproducing, disseminating, distributing, transmitting, interfering, modifying and generally using the above in any way other than the use expressly allowed (i.e. personal, non-commercial) .

User Obligations and Prohibitions
Each User must make lawful and appropriate use of the Website and must comply with these terms of use, the additional terms governing specific services provided through this Website (such as the Terms of Purchase from the online shop) and the law and must refrain from any illegal, unfair, counter-intuitive, breaching or abusive use of its content and services.

During the use of the Website, any act that is contrary to Greek legislation or may in any way harm the Company and/or any third party is prohibited. Indicative prohibitions: the use and publication of information originating from or in any way related to the Website intended to mislead Users and consumers, causing harm to the Company and the products and services displayed on the Website, use of the Website causing damage to any third party, in any way interfering with the Website in order to modify its content, in any way endangering transaction security, preventing free access to the Website, installation or promotion in any way of unauthorized advertisement of any kind, spam email, chain mail, pyramid schemes or any other form of content promotion, as well as the installation of advertising messages without obtaining prior written permission by the Company, installation of code, applicatoins or software on the Website which may in any way cause malfunction and/or prevent its use by others and the installation of malicious software on the Website and/or the use of the Website as a means of malicious attacks on third parties.

The User will be liable to compensate the Company and/or any injured party, for any damage caused due to making illegal, counter-intuitive or generally bad or malicious use of the Website.

The User is solely responsible for the evaluation of the information and functions and services offered on the Website and the Company does not bear any responsibility in relation to the correctness of the judgment or the evaluation by the User.

Minors are prohibited from making use of the Website and its services when such use is prohibited by the law or this Website to minors or intended solely for adults. The company is not responsible for any use of the Website and its services by minors, in violation of the above.

In case of violation of these terms, the Company reserves the right to exercise all its legal rights in order to protect and safeguard its interests and the violating party must restore any damage sustained by the Company.

Highlights – Complaints
The Company focuses on the continuous improvement of its operation, the services provided and the present Website. To this end, User comments, remarks, complaints and suggestions, provide us with valuable information and support in our task to improve our services.

If you wish to bring something to our attention, file a complaint or provide us with feedback or proposals to improve our Website and the information and services provided therein, we would be delighted if you contacted us directly by telephone at +30 2107257727, or by sending us an e-mail to koutsikoubusiness@gmail.com – or by using the Contact Form.

Final provisions
These terms constitute the final agreement between the Company and each User and govern the access and the use of the Website by the User.
Invalidity of one or more terms does not invalidate the rest, which all remain in force.

Greek legislation is applicable for the interpretation of the terms and the Courts of Athens are exclusively competent for the resolution of any dispute.

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